Gucci Watches

In 1972, Gucci became one of the first fashion Houses to branch into timepieces, creating successful, iconic models that combined contemporary spirit and tradition, innovation and craftsmanship, fashion and elegance. Today, Gucci watches are synonymous with fine quality and they bring a fresh, innovative perspective to the watch industry.

G - Timeless

Covering a large range of style, the
G-Timeless collection features the usage of different materials and techniques: the Gucci Signature leather worked in a variety of shades, guilloché and diamond pattern dial, printed rubber for the younger and more fashionable animated line.


Le Marché des Merveilles comes with
embroidery on the nylon dials, where intricate designs of a snake, tiger or bee are offset by the web striped background. Animals from the Gucci garden are combined with more sophisticated pieces presenting synthetic stone dials, silver or 18kt yellow gold carved cases.


G-Frame is a collection designed for both day and evening, characterized by exceptional attention to detail. New triple and double loop models are another highlight of this sophisticated line.