Jewellery designer Claus Sheelke got the idea for this bracelet when an acquaintance in the armed forces returned from a tour of duty with a handmade bracelet, for the benefit of a fallen fellow soldier. The bracelet was woven from parachute cords, and its lock was a button from a uniform. Claus was taken by the story and asked for permission to develop the idea and put the bracelet into production. The woven bracelet is still made of original parachute cord, but now comes with a silver or gold plated lock. The bracelet is available in brown, green, black, sand, grey, marine and camouflage.

The ladies' bracelet is available in all colours and has a silver or gold plated heart-shaped lock with a real round brilliant cut diamond. The bracelet is available as a 17cm and 19cm. £49.
From Soldier to Soldier bracelet have been created to raise funds for Help for Heroes, a charity that supports wounded soldiers and their families in the UK. 10% of the RRP of each From Soldier To Soldier Bracelet is donated to Help for Heroes Trading Ltd. For more information please visit The Help For Heroes website. We are Official Full Stockists of From Soldier to Soldier, an Help For Heroes Endorsed Product. £49

This Unisex bracelet is available from in all colours with a silver lock, and comes in two standard lengths 21cm or 23cm. £49.